The Center for the Advancement of Topological Semimetals (CATS) will advance our understanding and accelerate breakthrough innovations in topological semimetals.  CATS will pursue integrated 4-year, high-level fundamental research goals to: 

1. Predict, discover, and understand archetypal magnetic topological semimetals (TSMs) and heretofore-unknown magnetic topological states of matter;

2. Controllably induce topological phase transitions; and

3. Manipulate the response of topological states to external fields.

CATS will combine expertise in topological materials with novel magnetic materials and heterostructures from leading institutions; Ames Laboratory, Argonne National Laboratory, Harvard University, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the University of California—Santa Barbara (UCSB), and the University of Waterloo.  CATS will employ innovative approaches that are organized into three crosscutting research thrusts (RTs): (1) predict, discover, and understand new bulk magnetic TSMs; (2) discover and control novel quantum states and functionality in thin films and heterostructures; and (3) investigate the dynamical manipulation of topological states.